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Lightworks editor gets upgrade

A new Windows release of the Lightworks video editor has just become available after much beta testing Version 11.1 can be downloaded from and is free to try out for thirty days after which it still works but various features are disabled until you...

Finding web video’s pot of gold

Finding web video’s pot of gold

It is surely the golden dream of many a video producer; not only to spend time making videos but then to get paid for it as well. The traditional route – get a job in media and accept a salary cheque – is both hard...

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Ker…ching! Video ad companies join forces

In an attempt to prevent the advertising industry from losing clients – and therefore cash – because of myriad alternate standards, a consortium of companies has teamed up to propose a single methos for measuring how well video adverts are performing. Open VideoView (“OpenVV”) aims...

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Sorensen gets LinkedIn

The video encoding firm, Sorenson Media, has created a group on LinkedIn for discussion of its “Squeeze” software, and another for Sorenson 360. The direct links are and The groups will enable users of the product to discuss directly with Sorensen any issues... logo

New ad solution for web video has tied up a deal with advertising network FreeWheel to mix the former’s video distribution system with latter’s ads system. The combination gives video producers a way to put targeted adverts into their content via’s HTML5 and Flash video players. When a...